APS Biocontrol Ltd

APS Biocontrol Ltd (APS)

APS Biocontrol Ltd (APS) is an innovative biocontrol company, developing technologies which address an increasing need for effective and environmentally-sustainable replacements for synthetic chemicals.

Our core technology is based on bacteriophage; naturally-occurring, safe antimicrobials and our lead product, Biolyse® is a world first; a bacteriophage-based solution for washed and packed fresh produce. We also works in the field of insect control, being famous for our work on the great Scottish biting midge, including our online midge forecasting service and most recently, our innovative and award-wining insect repellent Smidge.

Insect Solutions

Our Insect Solutions Programme provide consultancy, research facilities, products and total project management for a range of economically-important insect species.

Micro Solutions

Our Micro Solutions Programme provides diagnostic services to the agricultural industry and also, addresses key microorganisms through the novel application of combinations of antimicrobial agents.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and expectations: please contact us to discuss your particular project requirements.